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We've heard a lot about DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) in the news but who do we know that's affected by this legislation? Filmmakers Corey Ohama and Brenda Avila-Hanna are sharing their documentaries for free until September 30 that follow two different stories about young people who have benefited from the Dreamers Act and what it took to get there. Listen in as we chat with these Bay Area filmmakers and take advantage of their website to stream their films for free. #listensharerepeat

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The first of (we hope) many upcoming segments with our friends at the Dinner Party talking about how to address #lifeafterloss in the workplace. Whether you're the person coming back to work after a death in your life or you're the manager in the department dealing with an employee who's coming back to work after a loss, the Dinner Party is here with the tools to help whichever side you might be on. 

The Dinner Party will be hosting a manager training in San Francisco on October 5, and if you're reading this. YOU can get a 15 percent discount when you use the code "Bitchtalk_15" at checkout. Click on the following link to get your tickets and your discount:

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Wow, we talked with director Danny Strong about his new film Rebel in the Rye, so go see it when it opens Friday, September 15. Our talk took a turn (a fun one!) and now we're pretty sure Danny Strong is one of our favorite interviews of 2017. Advanced thanks to him for getting us onto the next season of Empire. Download and enjoy. #bitchplease 

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 So you want to make a documentary film? Let us and new friend to the show producer/director Anica Wu give you some tips about what it takes to dive head first into this endeavor. We also chat about another new reboot and our excitement for our upcoming Bare Bottle Brewery podcast recording. Enjoy! 



Who doesn't love getting honored by one of their favorite watering holes and having said watering hole throw you a party? Captain Party (Angela) and her sister were lucky enough to have the historic Northstar bar in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco throw them a party and we got to join. Listen in on how we like to roll on a Tuesday night and what other shenanigans took place over the last week. #listensharerepeat #bitchplease


If you didn't know it's been HOT in San Francisco. Please bear with us as we talk about how hot we were over the weekend when it was over 100 degrees in the City by the Bay and also our shit talking about that thing called Burning Man. It was probably the heat that made us more angry about that yearly shit show than we normally are. Download and enjoy! #bitchplease #listensharerepeaty.  


Lakeith Stanfield picks good characters to play on film or maybe they just pick him. The actor's film credits include Short Term 12, DOPE, Straight Outta Compton, Selma, Get Out, and now Crown Heights. We sat down with the dapper actor a few weeks ago to talk about his leading role in Crown Heights and what he's doing to keep himself sane in a crazy political storm. Download now and remember to #listensharerepeat .

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We're catching up and giving a ton of shout outs on this episode so get ready for some basic bitch talk y'all! 

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Danielle Macdonald, aka Killer P, aka Patti Cake$ is a bad bitch. If you don't believe us, catch the film Patti Cake$ and you'll see what we're talking about. In the meantime, take a listen to our conversation with the Australian actress and remember to #listensharerepeat #pbnj

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We <3 director Geremy Jasper and after you listen to our interview with him, we think you will too. The writer and director of the upcoming film Patti Cake$ is a genuine guy who wanted to tell the story of his upbringing in New Jersey and show his love for hip-hop music through the film. We think he did a bang up job and we hope you'll go out and support this little underdog of a movie. The music is original and so are the rhymes (that Geremy wrote.) Please, please go see Patti Cake$ at a theater near you and let us know if you loved it as much as we did. 

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