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Ever wonder what those sexy, bespectacled thirty-something ladies are gabbing about during Happy Hour? It’s Bitch Talk. We say whatever we want. Maybe you’ll agree or maybe not.

Today, while Erin is away on Vacay, since we're hot off the heels of SXSW, we are revisiting our Ride Austin Episode with guest Joe Deshotel... 

What do you do when Uber and Lyft decide to leave your town? You create your own ridesharing app, and you do it right. On this episode of Bitch Talk, we had the pleasure of talking with Joe Deshotel, director of community engagement at Ride Austin, a non-profit ridesharing company kicking ass in Austin, Texas. Joe talks to us about the importance of social entrepreneurship and how a company with good intentions can make an impact in their community in a short amount of time. Get on board and download podcast #162 of Bitch Talk, and help us out by leaving a comment on iTunes or sharing our podcast on your social channels. #ListenShareRepeat

For more info on Ride Austin, visit their site:

Go-To Productions

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In this special episode of #BitchTalk, Erin & Ange record live on location, at the Alamo Draft House CAAMFest screening of the new web series, "Brown Girls"

Listen in as they sit down and chat with writer/co-creator Fatimah Asgha and actress Nabila Hossain. 

For more on the Brown Girls series, visit 


Happy St. Patrick's Day! We have a fun Basic Bitch Talk with friend of the show Josh Rotter. Josh was a featured guest on our past show dealing with loss but this time it's all about Madonna, douchy tech biz, and maybe just leaving social media altogether. All this and the John Stamos minute is waiting for you so come and get it!


WHAT!? No more Alec Baldwin playing Dump on SNL? Maybe, maybe not. Also, the new "president" isn't attending the White House Correspondents dinner. First time since President Reagan who didn't attend BECAUSE HE HAD BEEN SHOT. Also, should we just start morse coding each other since there's evidence that our devices are listening in on us? All this and the #JohnStamosMinute for your listening pleasure. 


Well y'all, Erin has turned the big 4-0 and Captain Party aka Ange is in the studio to help fill in all of the blanks of the celebration weekend. Ai yi yi......#ListenShareRepeat #ThisIs40 #BitchPlease

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In today's episode, Erin and Char give a little recap of the weekend, and tease some little highlights to Erin's 40th birthday celebration. They also chat some about new "Friend of the Show", H.P. Mendoza, Char shares a rough spot from her last few days, do a little movie talk, and of course, The John Stamos Minute... #BitchPlease #ListenShareRepeat

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OMG,'s part two of our chat with writer, director, songwriter, musician, badass, native San Franciscan - H.P. Mendoza! If you thought the first half was fun just wait for his John Stamos Minute at the end of this episode. We're still laughing about it. Please go check out H.P.'s website to see his previous work and to keep up with what he's doing next. Thanks for listening and remember to #ListenShareRepeat

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H.P. Mendoza is a unicorn. He's a native San Franciscan and calls the Mission his home. H.P. is a director, songwriter, composer, screenwriter, and loves Jameson as much as we do. Our conversation with H.P. went so long that this is the first time in Bitch Talk history that we're breaking up the episode into two parts. So please enjoy this first bit of H.P. and his greatness. I know we did! #listensharerepeat


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Happy Tuesday! Time for some #BasicBitchTalk with Erin, Ange aka "Captain Party" and Producer Char... Today, the ladies catch up and chat about Erin's new retirement life, Disneyland, where the lines blur for Millennials and Gen X-ers, and much more... Tune in NOW! 


#LifeAfterLoss is not easy. Since 2012, the non-profit The Dinner Party has made it their mission to gather like-minded folks who have lost someone or something of significance in their lives around a dinner table and talk about their experience. With 120 U.S. cities participating, and outside of the U.S., Amsterdam, Sydney, Toronto, Guatemala City, and more, The Dinner Party has become a movement connecting people in a casual yet meaningful way. You can be a part of the movement too...share this with friends, family, colleagues, or just listen in and throw your own Dinner Party.