Bitch Talk
Ever wonder what those sexy, bespectacled thirty-something ladies are gabbing about during Happy Hour? It’s Bitch Talk. We say whatever we want. Maybe you’ll agree or maybe not.

In this Episode, Erin & Producer Char recap their evening at the Bad Moms Happy Hour event, touch a tiny bit on the RNC & DNC, and discuss an infamous picture that was taken at the Happy Hour Broadcast recording... all this and much more! 

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In this week's Episode, Erin & Producer Char fly solo... Erin shares how close she was not making it into the BT recording session, Char shares her Home Depot encounter trying to get a copy of a key made, looking for Pokemon in her Dad's garage, and they both make their picks for this year's prime time Emmy Nominations... 

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In this week's Episode, Erin & ProducerChar are joined by regular Co-Host Angie Tabora... they recap Erin & Char's evening at the ballpark, Char's bad sleep habits, Erin's Anger Management Problems and Ange's latest shenanigans. 

Then they are joined by special guests, Ben Perry & Brad Barmore, hosts of the podcast Sports Meats Beer... the two guys immediately get sucked into the Bitch Talk Random Vortex... all this and much more! 

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Grumpy Old Bitches Part Deux! 

In this Episode, Erin, Producer Char & Angie recap their weekend, which included Angie & Erin's adventures at SF Pride, Char's weekend with her nephew The Schmotz, Erin's terrible encounter at a popular SF ramen noodle house, and reaction to Jesse Williams' BET speech... they are also joined in studio when a fan drops by to visit! 


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Erin, Angie & Producer Char are all in a feisty mood for this Episode... Hear about Ange's bachelorette shenanigans with captain's hat, the way Erin & Char deal with confrontation, and the parking lot incident that made all 3 of them realize they are just Grumpy Old Bitches. 

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Erin, Angie & Producer Char start off on a lighter note, catching up about radio, marathons and vacations, then get a little more serious and down to business... talking about the recent tragic events in Florida. 


Erin & Producer Char are joined by regular Guest Co-Host Angie Tabora. They start things off by filling Char in on some of the missing puzzle pieces that have been recovered from their lost New Years Eve night earlier this year. (Check out Bitch Talk Episode 116 if you want to hear about it) Then they go on their random tangents of forgetfulness, Erin's disdain for Chariots, and of course John Stamos... all this and much more! 


In this Episode Erin takes on a more serious tone than of regular random Bitch Talk-ness... She welcomes to the program Lindsay Repko & Josh Rotter, and they have a very open and raw discussion about dealing with the loss of loved ones.  

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Erin & Producer Char are joined by guest Co-Host, fellow broadcaster Nicole Grigg... they welcome to the program Jeff Hunt & Eugenia Chien, Co-Founders of the website and social media movement Muni Diaries... tune in as they knock back a few drinks and share the randomness that is #SFMuni

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In this Episode, Erin & Producer Char are joined by regular Guest Co-Host Angela Tabora... and they welcome to the Go-To Productions studio Stephanie Wandke. Stephanie is a dear friend of Ange's who lives in Belize and is also Digital Media Manager for the newly released movie, "Sundown". They share random stories about Belize, Paul Oakenfold, Michael Jackson, and much more! All this, along with a Producer Char follow up to the cryptic radio gig she mentioned in Episode 125, and of course, the John Stamos Minute!  

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