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Ever wonder what those sexy, bespectacled thirty-something ladies are gabbing about during Happy Hour? It’s Bitch Talk. We say whatever we want. Maybe you’ll agree or maybe not.

If you love the podcast Criminal as much as we do, you will LOVE this episode! Bitch Talk is proud to bring you our interview with the creators and storytellers of Criminal--Phoebe Judge and Lauren Spohrer. Download this episode now and thank us later. #ListenShareRepeat

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Tis' the season Bitch Talkers to bitch and moan, and drink copious amounts of booze and chat with our friends about the decay of humanity. But we digress, this episode is the first of its kind as worlds collide! Guest co-hosts Angela Tabora and Nicole Grigg actually sit in the same studio with Erin and talk about the passing of Ms. Sharon Jones, that horrible election that happened just a few weeks ago, and meeting the man of our dreams Anthony Bourdain - YES THE ANTHONY BOURDAIN. Tune in now and enjoy. #ListenShareRepeat


HELLO Bitch Talkers! On episode 145 we welcome Bay Area writer Daisy Barringer to the podcast. You may know Daisy from her articles in Thrillist, Rally, Yelp, and SFist or from her football column Daisy Does the Niners. We talk to Daisy about pho, Colin Kaepernick, beef tacos, our post-election blues, and more. Listen in as we find out why Daisy has proven to be an honorary Bitch Talker and will be welcomed on the show ANY TIME! 

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It's episode 144 of the Bitch Talk Podcast and we're revisiting our conversation with San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim who is running for the California State Senate. Since we're on the eve of election day in the US we feel it is VERY important to hear a local politician talk about who they are, what they stand for, what their accomplishments are and also be candid about how being a politician is hard and most times heart breaking. If you're voting in San Francisco County or in the Northern San Mateo County please vote on Tuesday, November 8 and get Jane Kim into the California State Senate! #runJaneRun #ListenShareRepeat

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HAPPY ELECTION SEASON EVERYBODY!!! Or not. On this Bitch Talk episode we finally talk about the 2016 election season and how depressing it's been. During the conversation we are reminded that we could potentially have the first female president in the White House - which is cause to get excited! Other topics in this episode include bathroom emergencies, office burglars and of course John Stamos. Tune in and remember to #ListenShareRepeat  

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In this episode we get to hear about Producer Char and Angela's harrowing tales of past visits to the "Biggest Little City", Reno, Nevada. We also get to hear of Ange'scurrent trip to L.A. on the Megabus. It includes some bare toes sneaking up on her (picture on our IG account!) while trying to enjoy her ride down to SoCal. Erin has created a new segment called Bitch Talk-Talk and of course, we end on a high note dedicating some time to that guy John Stamos. #ListenShareRepeat

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Bitch Talk is pleased to have director Barry Jenkins join the podcast this week. His film Moonlight left Angela and Erin speechless, mesmerized and addicted to the song "Hello Stranger" by Barbara Lewis. Enjoy regular guest co-host Angela Tabora's one-on-one interview with Barry and please head out to see Moonlight when it hits Bay Area theaters on Friday, October 28. #ListenShareRepeat #BitchPlease

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On this special edition Bitch Talk podcast we welcome Miss Sasha Lane to the program. Sasha is not only a breath of fresh air in Hollywood she's a badass bitch who wants to do some good in the world too. Enjoy our conversation with Sasha who is the breakout star in the new film #AmericanHoney.

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In this weeks episode we finally get to catch up with Producer Char about her trip to Ecuador (which seemed more like the X games rather than a vacatation.) We also talk about the 2016 Emmy's to see who chose the winners and who among the Bitch Talk podcast was the loser. Tune in NOW. 


Lucky us! Guest host Angela Tabora sits in to talk to San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim about her marathon race to the California State Senate. Topics include; the homeless, education, affordable housing, Leslie Knope, whiskey, and her favorite band. Tune in NOW!

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